Chapter 3: We’re a Team

I guess something in that bush woo-hoo pleased Demeter, because she rolled the whim to ask Jung to be her boyfriend. The pair were both pretty happy when he said yes.

01-20-16_11-07-45 PM.png

Celebrating their first official outing as a couple, Demeter and Jung went off to Bella Goth’s adult birthday party. Demeter was very proud to tell her first friend about her new relationship!

01-20-16_11-09-10 PM.png

The birthday party was lots of fun. Turns out that Jung was friends with Bella already and so the three of them shared lots of laughs and games with each other and the rest of the Goth family.

As life went on, Demeter realised that life was looking pretty good for Demeter. She had a friends, a boyfriend, she’d gotten a couple of promotions at work, and her skills were starting to develop. Still, even though she was happy as things were, she knew there were still a couple of changes she wanted to make.

Jung would come over every day after work. One day, despite her exhaustion, Demeter felt the time was right.

01-20-16_11-19-02 PM.png

“Jung, you’ve been by my side for a while now and it’s been so wonderful having you here. I feel like we could create such a beautiful future together. I love you. Will you marry me?”

01-20-16_11-19-25 PM.png

Jung didn’t hesitate. He’d been waiting for this moment.

“Yes!” he happily exclaimed before the couple embraced.

A little celebration was in order …

01-20-16_11-21-46 PM

… before they drifted off to sleep, secure in the knowledge that they would have a future together.


Chapter 3: We’re a Team

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