Chapter 4: The Honeymoon Stage

Both Demeter and Jung had come to Windenburg by themselves. While they hadn’t minded trying to build a life for themselves, there was something comforting about knowing that no matter what, they would have each other. Without much money to their name, they decided to have a quick wedding ceremony in the village. They didn’t need a big party to prove anything.

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Life as newlyweds was pretty good. Demeter and Jung felt happy knowing that they now were a family. In fact, family was soon in the forefront of their minds as Demeter discovered she was pregnant soon after they married!

Jung was very worried that they didn’t have enough money to support a baby as well. He began to feel a little inadequate and worried that he wasn’t doing enough to support his family.

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Fortunately, their good friend Bella Goth was able to encourage the couple.

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“It’s not money that makes a good home, it’s love” she told them. “Besides, now that you’ve both had a promotion and renovated your home, all you need is a crib and everything will be fine. And if you ever need help, I’m just a phone call away.”

Sure enough, by the time it came for the baby to be born, Jung and Demeter were excited and confident. How hard could it be?

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Chapter 4: The Honeymoon Stage

Chapter 3: We’re a Team

I guess something in that bush woo-hoo pleased Demeter, because she rolled the whim to ask Jung to be her boyfriend. The pair were both pretty happy when he said yes.

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Celebrating their first official outing as a couple, Demeter and Jung went off to Bella Goth’s adult birthday party. Demeter was very proud to tell her first friend about her new relationship!

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The birthday party was lots of fun. Turns out that Jung was friends with Bella already and so the three of them shared lots of laughs and games with each other and the rest of the Goth family.

As life went on, Demeter realised that life was looking pretty good for Demeter. She had a friends, a boyfriend, she’d gotten a couple of promotions at work, and her skills were starting to develop. Still, even though she was happy as things were, she knew there were still a couple of changes she wanted to make.

Jung would come over every day after work. One day, despite her exhaustion, Demeter felt the time was right.

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“Jung, you’ve been by my side for a while now and it’s been so wonderful having you here. I feel like we could create such a beautiful future together. I love you. Will you marry me?”

01-20-16_11-19-25 PM.png

Jung didn’t hesitate. He’d been waiting for this moment.

“Yes!” he happily exclaimed before the couple embraced.

A little celebration was in order …

01-20-16_11-21-46 PM

… before they drifted off to sleep, secure in the knowledge that they would have a future together.


Chapter 3: We’re a Team

Chapter 2: Life’s Better With Friends

Being so far from everything you’ve ever known was always going to be difficult, especially without a comfortable home to retreat to. Luckily for Demeter however, she quickly made a new friend who was quick to welcome her into her home in the meantime.

01-20-16_6-04-14 PM.png

Just having a friend who was there to talk to made a big difference. Demeter was so grateful when Bella Goth started calling her to invite her over to Willow Creek and to the Goth residence! At first, Demeter was a little intimidated by the grand house and worried that she wouldn’t be welcome. But she soon saw that Bella was so kind and wanted to take Demeter under her wing while she got established in her new house.

When she wasn’t at work or hanging out with Bella, Demeter liked to visit the local gym in Windenburg. The real reason was because she could use the free shower, but she also quite enjoyed a quick dip into the pool. That is, until she ambitiously tried a swan dive only to have her togs fall off.

01-20-16_6-15-51 PM.png

Poor Demeter was mortified, especially because she’d invited a couple of young men she’d met in town the other night.

My legacy is going to use Ambitious as the exemplar trait for succession, and I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few townies seemed to share this trait. (Suspisciously many actually – 4/5 of the first single men we met had the trait).

Demeter wasn’t sure which of the men she liked the best, but after a dance party with them all, we managed to narrow the men down to three potential spouses. Eager to find the father of her children, Demeter invited the three out for a coffee one beautiful morning.

01-20-16_9-31-58 PM.png

It was a pleasant cafe visit, but Demeter wasn’t quite sure how she felt yet. She definitely had a favourite in terms of friendship – but was it a relationship that could blossom into something more?

The days rolled slowly by. Demeter seemed more concerned with improving her finances and her home than finding a mate.

01-20-16_9-50-11 PM.png

Demeter was developing a strong friendship with Jung Grayson, the red head in the back from the coffee date. They spent quite a lot of time just hanging out together and became best friends. An active, ambitious perfectionist, Jung and Demeter seemed to have a lot in common and had similar goals in life.

With time steadily passing, and only generic romantic whims appearing, I wondered whether it might be time for a gentle push to test the waters.

01-20-16_9-52-21 PM.png

The relationship between the two seemed one of a gentle, fond affection rather than a flaming passion. I wondered whether maybe there just wasn’t enough of a spark, but after Jung asked for a date, we decided to give the romance side of their relationship another go. This time, the romance seemed to progress a bit faster.

01-20-16_10-30-21 PM.png

Jung certainly seemed quite surprised with Demeter, but it was obviously not a bad surprise as the two autonomously decided to go for some bush woo-hoo.

01-20-16_11-01-58 PM.png

A bush seems pretty uncomfortable to me – but I guess there was passion in their relationship after all!

01-20-16_11-02-04 PM
Well hello to you too, Jung

Suddenly, moving to Windenburg all by herself seemed like a very, very good decision.


Chapter 2: Life’s Better With Friends

Chapter 1: Freedom

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When Demeter arrived in Windenburg, she knew she had found a home. Sure, she didn’t have much (anything) to her name other than this plot of land, but as she took in her new environment she knew she had made the right decision.

‘Besides’ she said, ‘there’s a certain kind of freedom that comes with not having so many possessions to weigh you down’.

That said, she had come here to create a life for herself and those to follow her, so Demeter was eager to start developing her new life.

It was Sunday, an empty day full of opportunity. First item on the agenda for an ambitious sim? Get a job! When she called, the briefcase thought bubble popped up, so I chose to have Demeter enter the business career. I’m trying the extreme start version, so we still had to earn another 200 simoleons before we could buy the Knight suit, and so off Demeter went to do some fishing.

01-20-16_5-20-28 PM.png

Fishing is something I haven’t spent much time doing on the Sims yet, and one of the reasons I wanted to try a legacy challenge was to try some new play, so both Demeter and I were pretty happy with this.

We managed to get a little over the 200 simoleons needed for the armour suit – but not much more.

Not to be beaten, Demeter decided to use the opportunity to get to know a few people in the neighbourhood. She went and knocked on a neighbour’s door, and they were kind enough to let her in. Although Demeter would usually be a little hesitant, she knew she had to swallow her pride and accept a little neighbourly support. This meant helping herself to a bowl of cereal, and even having a cheeky little nap on their couch.

01-20-16_5-31-48 PM.png

Semi-revitalised after her nap, Demeter managed to dig up a couple of fossils on her way home. Tired, but triumphant, Demeter made her first purchase for her new home.

01-20-16_5-36-24 PM.png

‘Sure, it’s nothing fancy. But it’s mine, and I worked for it. It’s worth so much more to me because of it.’

Her first day may not have been easy, but Demeter was sure she would be happy here.

Chapter 1: Freedom


I’ve been a fan of the Sims for a long time – ever since the Sims 1, but I really fell in love with the Sims 2. I always had such elaborate back stories and stories surrounding my Sims, but it wasn’t until very recently that I found that there were others out there who shared my interest in creating stories about the lives of their Sims.

I was inspired by CathyTea’s Goofy Love Legacy to start my own legacy family.

So here I am, ready to start.

01-20-16_5-17-57 PM

Introducing Demeter Thelmar, ready to start life out in Windenburg.

Traits: Ambitious, Good, Romantic

Aspiration: Successful Lineage